Winegrower's smart assistant

VinAI.Farm allows you to foresee if your vineyards are threatened by vine diseases. Let us help you keep your vineyards healthy!

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From our app you can control which diseases threaten your crop, check the climate data log and plan your work.

Keeping your vineyards healthy will be easier by delivering phytosanitary treatments at the right time.

We put the most advanced technologies at your service!

VinAI.Farm’s forecasting models are developed through artificial intelligence to give you answers tailored to your activity.

We preserve the health of your vineyard, minimizing waste by increasing the quality and quantity of grapes.


distributed system

VinAI.Farm allows you to collect the most accurate climatic data possible through a distributed weather station system.

Build a grid system based on your needs.


artificial intelligence

Control the health status of your vines at any moment. Our forecasting models based on artificial intelligence will suit your crop’s peculiarity, to get better accuracy than traditional agronomic systems.

environment first

You will be able to make the right decision in the right time!

You will reduce phytosanitary treatments’ waste, reducing the envinronmental impact in your fields.

plug and play

VinAI.Farm is easy to install and you can set it up following a few steps explained in our app.

An intuitive design will guide you from the first step to daily usage. 

How does VinAI.Farm Works


Install our weather stations in your vineyards, we gather accurate climatic data, we analyze it and we foresee if your crop is threatened by vine diseases through our app.

A swarm made of weather stations


Our weather station system is very scalable, ready to gather climatic data with high accuracy.

Discover Maya and Dot.

AI previsional models


Our previsional models are based on artificial intelligence technology. As data increase our forecast system becomes more precise, tailored to your vineyards. 

An app for every device


You can use our app on your smartphone and either on your computer, in order not to miss a single update on your crop status.