Find out how we can predict the onset of vine diseases, to help you preserve the health of your vineyard.

Data gather with our weather stations

Our weather stations collect climate data through a system of sensors, which detect parameters sensitive to the development of phytopathologies.


Artificial intelligence analysis

The data sent from our weather stations are analyzed by an artificial intelligence algorithm, to have always the most accurate predictive models.

Customized predictive models

Predictive models developed with artificial intelligence can give precise predictions tailored to your vineyards, from which we collect data.

Use our App to control your crop

The response of our analysis is available from our application, we will notify you if your vineyards can be attacked by vine diseases so that you can best cure them.

Our Weather Station

We have created VinAI.Farm weather station so that they can collect the most important climate data to carry out analysis and preserve the health of your vineyard.

Our software

We have created VinAI.Farm software to communicate with you in the best way possible, to help you in your vineyards’ management.

Forecasting models

Our predictive models are based on an artificial intelligence algorithm, to be more accurate and reliable for your reality, our prevision will be tailored to your vineyards.