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What is included in our plans?

Find out what we offer our customers, for a complete service that can improve the performance of your vineyard.

Guaranteed Hardware

We have built our hardware with the latest technologies on the market, to collect accurate and reliable data.

Mobile App

Check out your vineyard data from our app, which focuses on the needs of producers like you, so that you can better monitor your crop.

Dynamic Forecasting Models

We use dynamic forecasting models to tell you which threats are weighing on your crop, adapting the tailored response of your vineyards.

Active Communication Channel

We are sure that no one can know better than you what are the needs for a wine producer. Tell us what we can improve or implement to give you a better service.

Video Tutorial

We have prepared videos for you to install our weather control units, to make the initial set up of the app and other content to facilitate the use of Vinai Farm. The contents will be added and updated periodically.

Farm Activities Diary

We have included the “Campaign Notebook” function in our app. In this way, you can plan your activity using our application.

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