Our Weather stations

We designed VinAI.Farm weather stations to have a highly distributed climate data collection system that is extremely accurate.


Double temperature measurement with app report of what is measured.

Relative Humidity

Measurement of relative air humidity with Bosch technology.

Leaf wetness

A capacitive sensor that imitates leaves and allows to measure the percentage of water present on the foliage.

atmospheric pressure

Atmospheric pressure detected by sensors with Bosch technology.

Rain Rate

Rain gauge with double basin with a sensitivity of 0.2 mm of rain.

Core functionality

The Vinai Farm system consists of a minimum of 2 elements connected to the internet with NB-IoT protocol:

Maya is part of the swarm and is the node that has on board all the sensors listed above.

Dot is the most compact and collects data in every location and condition you install it in.

The environmental parameters that we monitor, fundamental for the prediction of the onset of phytopathologies, can vary considerably even over short distances, and that is why we collect data in different strategic points.

In fact, our strength lies in the capillarity of data collection and you decide how much precision you get by installing more Maya and Dot nodes.

All our systems are battery-powered long-life, you can also use an external power supply to never run out of power.

We introduce you our swarm


Maya is the most complete node: it connects to the internet via SIM NB-Iot and has sensors on board that detect: relative humidity of the air, air temperature, atmospheric pressure, rain fall and foliar wetness. Maya is powered with long-life replaceable battery.


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